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Lidl Submits Two New Planning Applications

Following Enfield Councils refusal of Lidl’s original application, Lidl have submitted two new applications to restore a retail offer in Enfield Wash

Thank you for the outstanding support and commitment that you have demonstrated towards Lidl’s proposed neighbourhood foodstore to date. Following on from our public consultation on 8th August 2015, we listened to your concerns regarding the site access and have amended our proposals so that the store will now be accessed via Unity Road as per the existing situation. Other improvements to our proposals include more soft landscaping, improved pedestrian links to Hertford Road, acoustic barriers to minimising noise at the rear of the site to an acceptable level and a new return active frontage.

Unfortunately despite all efforts Lidl’s application for a new Foodstore was refused at Planning Committee on the 23rd February 2016. We are however determined to bring you a Lidl Foodstore in Enfield Wash. In March this year we submitted two new planning applications to Enfield Council. All documents for both applications can be found on the ‘Download Plans’ and ‘Download Documents’ links opposite.

  1. The first application (16/01093/FUL – password: enfieldwash), is a revised application to the original scheme. A new Lidl store will still be provided however this time there will be additional high level windows added along the North East Elevation in order to address Council concerns regarding active frontage.
  2. The second application (16/01092/FUL – password: enfieldwash) will see Lidl move into the existing building and use the precedent set by the existing retail planning consent. In this option Lidl will not be building a new store. Minor enhancements to the facade and car park will be carried out.

Lidl’s preferred option has always been to provide Enfield Wash with a brand new state of the art neighbourhood foodstore. Due to the Councils view on how this site should be re-developed we have now had to explore the option of moving into the existing building. The Council however have one last opportunity to approve Lidl’s new store development application (16/01093/FUL – password: enfieldwash) and I would urge all residents to voice their support to their local Ward Councillor or to the Case Officer for the application.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you (and your family) for all your support to date and in particular to the 100+ residents that attended the Planning Committee on the 23rd February 2016. The Lidl team will be delighted to answer any queries on 0208 548 7580 or